7 Secret Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success with Dush Ramachandran

7 Secret Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success with Dush RamachandranDush Ramachandran, a successful business entrepreneur and former Vice President of Sales and Business Development at ClickBank, offered his tips on becoming an entrepreneurial success at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas.

In his session ‘Seven Secret Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success,’ he outlined his observations through experience to be the seven things that entrepreneurs are good at.

“The successful ones always seem to do these seven things,” said Ramachandran. “All of them are doing these seven things, often without knowing it.”

Here are Dush Ramachandran’s 7 Secret Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success:

  1. Align money with meaning
    A successful entrepreneur must find a business that offers both financial worth and personal significance. “True success lies at the intersection of money and meaning,” said Ramachandran.
  2. Let go to grow – Delegate
    “Entrepreneurs often fall prey to the belief that they can do anything,” he said. He suggests entrepreneurs hire the skills they don’t have and delegate tasks whenever possible.
  3. Ask for help
    “What you don’t know can seriously hurt your business,” he says. He advises entrepreneurs to ask someone who knows instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure things out alone. He also recommends belonging to a mastermind group or talking about your business with competitors to solve problems. “Everybody benefits,” he says. “You can get help and you can give help.”
  4. Have a Plan for Success
    “It’s very worthwhile to have a plan,” he says. “However unrealistic you think it is, it is not.”
  5. Execute – Take massive action
    “Just ideas alone aren’t enough,” says Ramachandran. “It’s important to take the first step and commit to action because nothing happens until you take decisive action.” He recommends to take action on one thing a day. “You’d be amazed how much can be accomplished.”
  6. Building predictable revenues
    “One of the key things to success is building sustainable revenue,” says Ramanchandran.
    Successful entrepreneurs all have recurring revenue streams. Dush says building recurring income is key to predicting revenue. “Try to get your business as predictable as possible.”
  7. Network Diligently
    “Networking is amazing for what it can do for you,” he says. Ramachandran referred to ClickBank marketer Jeff Siegel as one the best networkers he knows, who once said “I drank my way to a million dollars.”

Throughout Ramanchandran’s presentation he often noted on the importance passion plays in entrepreneurship.

“I often ask my clients ‘If work became an option, what would you do?’,” he said.

One audience member asked, “How do I know what my passion is?”

He said one of the best ways to find your passion is take a passion test, such as PassionTest.com.

One final note he left on was “Don’t be deterred by the fact that other people are doing it.”

Great advice Dush. Thanks!

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