A ClickBank Feature for Flagging and Reporting Bad Vendors

I recently read an interesting post from a ClickBank affiliate who had the idea ClickBank should offer a feature for affiliates to report vendors to ClickBank who are violating ClickBank’s rules and policies. The affiliate was concerned about vendors who had opt-in forms and were offering alternative methods of payment that cut out the ClickBank affiliate from receiving their commissions. Although offering alternative payment methods is not against ClickBank’s policies (they do advise against it however), I agree with the general concept of a reporting or flagging feature and think it’s a good idea.

I’m sure that for ClickBank it becomes nearly an impossible task monitoring every vendor’s website for changes and violations after they’ve approved it. Implementing a flagging or reporting feature would allow the ClickBank community of affiliates to monitor and easily report bad vendors, easing the nearly impossible load on ClickBank to do it all themselves. Another benefit I see would be keeping vendors honest which helps the entire ClickBank community as a whole.

The potential for abuse of a feature like this is pretty much non-existent since affiliates would only be flagging vendors and bringing them to ClickBank’s attention where ClickBank could then review the vendor site to see if they violate of ClickBank’s guidelines or not.

Here are some additional features I thought of that could be implemented…

  • Affiliates who report a vendor violation must be logged into their ClickBank account. This would identify the reporter to ClickBank which would hold them accountable. Those who continually flag vendors erroneously could be denied flagging privileges.
  • Allow affiliates to provide a description of the violation, or even provide a drop-down list of pre-defined violations that could be reported.
  • Allow vendors a 3-strike policy. As I’m sure at least a few vendors are unaware at times they are in violation, it would give them a chance to correct their site, and of course repeat offenders would be banned.

I believe the ClickBank marketplace would be a perfect location for a feature like this, perhaps just a small flag icon somewhere next to each vendor product listing that links to a more descriptive reporting page.

Overall, I think this is a brilliant feature and I would love to see ClickBank implement something like it. What do you think? Is this a great idea? Do you see any pros or cons? Leave your comment below and share your thoughts…

About the Author: Miles Baker

Miles Baker is a 15 year ClickBank marketing veteran and has been recognized as one of ClickBank's Top 100 Affiliates and Vendors. He is the creator and owner of ClickScoop. Learn more about Miles and connect with him at AboutMilesBaker.com.
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