CBpress Review – ClickBank Marketplace Plugin for WordPress

CBPress Review
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What is it?
CBpress allows users to manage the promotion of ClickBank products on a website. The CBpress WordPress Plugin imports all products available in the ClickBank Marketplace and allows affiliates to customize which ClickBank categories and products to display on their website.

Who is it for?
CBpress is designed for ClickBank affiliates using WordPress to promote ClickBank products on their website.

How to use it?
Using CBpress, affiliates can promote the full ClickBank Marketplace, or create niche marketplaces by selecting from product categories or creating custom lists. To get started, users will need to import the ClickBank Marketplace product feed and then embed the CBpress shortcode into a WordPress page in order to begin displaying and promoting products.

Our Review:
Uploading and activating the CBpress plugin in WordPress went smoothly. The WordPress interface is intuitive and provides clear instructions on the Control Panel menu for getting started using the plugin. We also found the CBpress Guide (http://version.cbpress.com/guide.php) to be a good resource for using the plugin.

From the Registration menu we entered our ClickBank Receipt number from our CBpress purchase and the ClickBank affiliate account ID to register the plugin.

Our first ClickBank Marketplace product import from the ClickBank Importer was successful and took less than a minute.

We used the plugin’s interface to let CBpress create our Primary Marketplace Page from the Settings menu.  Users also have the option of embedding the plugin shortcode into a new or previously published WordPress page. (Note: CBpress requires a WordPress page and will not work within a post)

By default, CBpress will display the entire ClickBank Marketplace with links to all ClickBank Marketplace categories followed by 10 products per page. This configuration is ideal for users who just want the entire ClickBank Marketplace installed on their blog.

For users wanting to create a niche marketplace configuration using CBpress there are multiple options to customize products on a niche marketplace page. Here are some of the options…

  • Categories
    Select a product category to display using ClickBank’s Marketplace categories and subcategories.
  • Custom Lists
    Create a custom list of any products you choose by adding products by vendor or by product id.
  • Filters
    Set certain criteria to determine which products will display on the marketplace page, such as gravity, commission, rank, % referred and billing type.

For our niche marketplace page we tested out each of the above options.

Custom categories may be the easiest way to setup a niche marketplace. Users can specify a product category from the Settings menu or from the Categories menu within WordPress. We found that assigning the categories from the Settings menu page was a better option because it allowed us to specify sub categories, which the Categories menu page does not.

By default, choosing a main category will display a sub category navigation box near the top of the marketplace page. We tried removing the sub category navigation box by unchecking “Category Box Display” from the Settings menu, however the feature did not remove the navigation links.

Overall, specifying product categories were easy to setup and worked properly. Though only one category or sub category can be used per marketplace page, we did like the option to add a Featured Category underneath the marketplace.  We also liked the fact that products can be added to a category from the Products menu page.

Custom List:
Creating a custom product list is also simple to setup but takes a little more time to add products. From the Custom Lists menu we typed in our list name and clicked save.

After the custom list is created, products can be added by ClickBank vendor name or by ClickBank product id using the Custom Lists menu page. Another way to add products to a custom list is through the Products menu page. We preferred to use the Products menu page because it allowed us to check multiple products at once to add to a list, as well as search for specific products to add to our list.

Once a custom list is created and products have been added, users only have to place the custom list short code on a WordPress page. Users have the ability to add a single custom list or multiple lists to any WordPress page, or the marketplace page itself.

Custom lists are a great option for creating niche marketplace pages because they give users more control over which products to display than categories. Though a custom list may take more time to setup, we found the benefit of having greater control of products was a bonus. We also like the fact that we can publish multiple custom lists on a page.

For more advanced users, creating filters is a way to only display products matching specific criteria on the marketplace page. Options such as gravity, commission, rank, %referred and billing type gives users the ability narrow the marketplace’s products. Users can set single or multiple criteria fields.

We set a filter to only display products with a commission of 75% to 100% and with recurring billing.

The filter worked correctly on our marketplace page. Filters do not affect custom lists.

Setting filters can be a great tool for advanced users who may want to display popular or top performing products.

What’s the bottom line?
Overall, CBpress is an impressive tool that can bring the ClickBank Marketplace to any WordPress website. The plugin is functional and delivers what it says. With multiple ways to create a niche marketplace and features like customizable titles and descriptions, CBpress offers limitless possibilities for promoting ClickBank products.

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