ClickBank Android Apps Reviewed

Updated Jan. 25, 2013

The number of ClickBank mobile apps for Android is growing as new apps make their way into the Google Play Store. The apps offer reporting features for those who want to check their stats on the go. These include a wide variety of reporting options and transaction information, and even the ability to send sales notifications to your phone every time you make a sale.

Below we review four currently available Android apps. Leave your comments at the bottom and let us know which Android app is your favorite!


(Note: The free version of CBAPP expired in 2012.)

Rating: Developer Website
Price: $1.99 Download on Android Marketplace

Pros: Flexible custom date range reporting; easy to use interface; access to analytics; no account number limit; various types of reports available.

Cons: No password or PIN code protection feature; no notifications for sales.

Review: CBAPP features an attractive interface that is simple to navigate. Reports can be generated for custom date ranges, as well as transaction types such as sales, bonus, refunds, chargebacks, etc. The app also offers detailed transaction information, such as publisher, TID, transaction type, and amount. One bonus feature of the app is an analytics tool, which displays an analytics funnel. The app also appeared to have no limitation on the amount of ClickBank accounts you could add to it.

Bottom line: CBAPP is the best ClickBank Android app with all the basic functionality needed to view your ClickBank affiliate account transactions and data from your mobile Android device.

ClickBank App


Rating: Developer Website
Price: $4.02 Download on Android Marketplace

Pros: Supports multiple ClickBank accounts for both Vendors and Affiliates, instant sales notifications, quick reports by day, week or custom range. Simple and easy to use.

Cons: Google Play marketplace reviews report crashing issues.

Review: ClickBank App offers features for both affiliates and vendors. Users can easily view daily or weekly stats, or create custom date ranges. The instant notifications can be easily turned on or off and work with multiple accounts. The app also has built in security issues with its PIN locking feature. The app is supported by any device using Android version 1.6 or later.

Bottom line: ClickBank App’s simple, easy to use program is an attractive solution for both affiliates and vendors looking for sales reports on their mobile device.

Clickbanker –  Clickbank To Go!

Rating: Developer Website
Price: $4.99 Download on Android Marketplace

Pros: Notifications of sales with or without sounds; supports multiple ClickBank accounts.

Cons: Not as many features as other apps; no individual transaction information for sales; no custom date range reporting; no analytics data; no password protection.

Review: Clickbanker allows users to view sales transactions by day for a period of a week. You can view a week at a time but cannot select any other period other than a week. Overall it is lacking in features and reporting data as it has no individual transaction data and no additional reporting such as paychecks or analytics data. One nice feature Clickbanker offers is notifications for sales and the ability to set the notification for every 1, 5, 10, or 25 sales.

Bottom line: In comparison to CBAPP and for the price of $4.99, the only reason to purchase this app would be for sales notifications.

ClickBank Profit Booster


Price: Free Download on Android Marketplace

Pros: Features tools such as Affiliate HopLink and Sales Link Generator, Commission Calculator, Reverse Commission Calculator, and Vendor test page. Free.

Cons: Not as intuitive as other available apps.

Review: ClickBank Profit Booster lets vendors and affiliates easily create HopLinks or Sales Links using the app’s generator tools. Vendors can also test pages using the app’s Test My Page feature. The app also includes multiple calculators, such as the Commission Calculator and Reverse Commission Calculator.

Bottom line: ClickBank Profit Booster lets users easily create HopLink and Sales Links, as well as perform multiple calculations for commissions.

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