ClickBank Announces New Trust Badge

clickbank-trust-badgeClickBank announced today that all vendors are required to have a new Trust Badge on their sales pages. This is in response to their Always On Header which was scrapped due to enormous feedback from vendors who hated the idea.

The Trust Badge seems to be more of a compromise and a reimagined version based on feedback from top vendors and affiliates.

Here are links to full details…

ClickBank Blog Post Announcing the Trust Badge

ClickBank Trust Badge Support Doc

ClickBank Trust Badge Implementation Guide

My first impressions…

1) Options are limited due to the badge being a forced floating element. I like the top right position, but on certain screen sizes it ends up covering up other elements of the sales page. Something to consider when designing your sales page.

2) I REALLY like what they came up with when you click on the badge. It really should help sales instead of hurting them.

3) I’m happy to see some options when choosing colors.

Here are some example images of what the Trust Badge looks like…

Header Bar
cbtb header bar image
Floating Tab
cbtb floating tab
Here is what visitors will see when they click on either the header bar or floating tab.
cbtb bbb
Overall I think ClickBank is now moving in the right direction with this. They’re certainly not going to please everyone with this new Trust Badge though. Personally I would prefer to place the badge in a static position on my page, but I think this is about compromise and they’ve definitely worked to come up with something that is much more agreeable.

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