ClickBank Announces Strong International Growth in 2011

At the A4U Affiliate and Performance Marketing Conference and Exhibition in London, ClickBank opened the event by stating the company has seen ‘strong market growth’ in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia in 2011.

“International markets present a strong growth opportunity for ClickBank to capitalize on the power of the Internet to cross borders,” said Monty Sooter, COO of ClickBank while in attendance at the A4U Expo. “ClickBank will continue to expand our international presence to make digital information and resources widely available to global markets. The ClickBank online marketplace provides both vendors and affiliates with the tools to facilitate international sales and grow their businesses on multiple continents simultaneously.”

International product sales comprise more than 40 percent of ClickBank’s annual net sales revenue with 18 percent of ClickBank’s year-to-date business coming from Europe in 2011. For 2011, the year-over-year growth of product sales by language includes Spanish (156%), French (24%), and German (23%).

The international sales growth has been fueled by the recent introduction of the ClickBank Global Bestseller program, which offers language translations of its online e-commerce site and order form in Spanish, French and German. The program’s translations enable digital product vendors and affiliate marketers to easily expand the reach of their products to international consumers.

Additional detail about the ClickBank Global Bestseller program is available online at the ClickBank Help Center: Global Best Seller Program.

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