ClickBank Testing New Order Form

clickbank-order-formWhile browsing various ClickBank vendor sites we observed ClickBank serving a strikingly different order form (aka checkout page) for some vendors. The new order form design seems to be limited to certain vendors and from our experience the new order form has been rotating between the original version.

We reached out to ClickBank regarding the change and they confirmed they are split-testing the new page. Here’s what they had to say…

As you’ve noticed, we are currently split testing a new order form. This is something that we frequently do in an effort to continue to help improve order conversion rates for the products that vendors sell through ClickBank. Often, we’ll test elements of the order form and make incremental improvements. With this test, of course, we’re checking to see how a whole new layout of the order page performs. It’s still too early for conclusive results, but the performance is something we closely monitor–as always.

We also have an article in our Help Center that provides an overview of our order form split tests and the kinds of things we do:

UPDATE 2013-05-15: It appears ClickBank is testing with a LARGE 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Symbol (see screenshot below).

Check out the new order form below and share your opinion in the comments below.

The new order form…

New ClickBank Order Form

Standard order form (blue version)…

Regular Order Form

New Image from 2013-05-15
5-15-2013 1-59-45 PM
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