ClickBank Exchange 2012 EPIC Recap

ClickBank Exchange 2012 was a blast! I had a fantastic time seeing so many friends, meeting so many new people, and connecting with people who I’ve communicated with before but never met in person. It’s always a pleasure to meet someone face to face for the first time and makes a big difference in that relationship going forward. Not only did I do a lot of networking in a VERY short period of time, but I learned a great deal from some of the speakers as well.

I left Denver on Thursday Aug. 9th, prepared and ready for my 4+ hour flight. Ready that is until we sat in the plane for several hours not moving. Apparently there were terrible thunderstorms in New York. Luckily I had plenty of podcasts and a backup battery charger for my iPhone (something I never travel without).

After about 2 hours of waiting we were in flight! However, you can only listen to so many podcasts in a row and after about 4 hours I’d had enough. Oddly, the flight was taking longer too. Delayed again! Now we circled for nearly another two hours before we were able to land. Oh well, I was almost there!

I finally checked into my hotel room late that night and to my surprise the room was amazing and had a fantastic view of Times Square! I had never stayed at the Marriott Marquis before and the hotel was much nicer than the the Crowne Plaza where ClickBank Exchange was held last year. Although the room was quite pricey at $279 a night with the discounted rate, the investment was well worth the cost, especially for being dead center in Times Square New York. After some room service and unpacking I hit the sack.

The next morning I awoke refreshed and ready for the event! Seeing all the familiar faces of the ClickBank staff I could hardly believe a whole year had passed since the last ClickBank Exchange. The networking was casual and I immediately connected with several ClickBank staff, friends, and other marketers. Everyone was in a terrific mood as the conference began.

ClickBank CEO Brad Wiskirchen and VP of Client Development Kate Wallace kicked off the event. Kate gave a short recap of some of ClickBank’s amazing stats and facts.

  • Over 100,000 active affiliates all over the world.
  • Over 35,000 transactions processed daily
  • 40% of their sales are international
  • Over 50,000 products in hundreds of niches
  • Over $2.0 Billion dollars paid out to clients on time, every time

Kate mentioned how ClickBank has been focusing much more on international growth. With approximately 40% of their sales already international, they now support products in 6 languages and have sales coming in from over 190 countries. They also accept payment in 31 currencies.

Kate also shared some interesting statistics about the types of traffic ClickBank receives through client promotions. Social media traffic was the second largest with media buys, affiliate pages, search, video, and advertising coming in closely behind. What was most interesting is was email is by far the largest with about 5 times as much traffic than all the other methods. This reinforced my belief that email marketing is still the dominant marketing channel and reminded me of this picture I saw the other day…

If you imagine a full cup of rice is the number of emails sent every day, then by comparison, all the daily posts on Facebook would make a miserable 10 grains, and all the tweets sent every day would be a measly 4 grains. Source: KissMetrics

Below is a picture of a slide shown during Kate’s presentation demonstrating just how much email still dominates ClickBank sales.

The most efficient type of traffic that ClickBank receives by far from Email.

It’s very apparent that email is still king!

This year’s Keynote Speaker was Robert Cialdini, a pioneer in the study of the psychology of influence and author of ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’. I’d heard Robert speak at Affiliate Summit several years ago and essentially this was the same presentation. In fact, his presentation was nearly the exact same as he had the same slides, same topics, and even the same cards he gave away to the audience at the end of his speech. Nonetheless, Robert’s presentation was a great refresher and I took away some great ideas for my own business. Robert has some powerful real-world case studies with results and they’re all based on human psychological behavior. Once you learn to recognize the behaviors you’ll know how to illicit the response you want. I highly recommend you read Robert’s book ‘Influence‘ as most of his presentation was based around the book and the information is priceless.

Next it was time for lunch and some great networking with friends old and new. We dined at the Marriott Marquis restaurant. The food was good but the company was great. It was fantastic meeting up with everyone and sharing what we’ve been up to over the past year.

After lunch it was time for a nap! However, I was back at the sessions in time to hear Chris Haddad. I did a completely separate write up of Chris’ session and I recommend you check it out. He’s a brilliant copywriter and it was one of the best sessions of the day.

The last speaker of the day was Joe Polish. Joe had spoken at last year’s ClickBank Exchange so I was curious if it would be much different this time. It was, and it was great! The title of Joe’s presentation was ‘Is Selling Evil?’ and he spoke not only about the nature of sales, but had some practical advice as well. My big takeaway from Joe was to raise my prices. Chances are no matter what business you’re in you could be charging more. Even if you make less sales, if you’re charging more for your products or services you can still end up making more money overall. Joe’s big point was that most people are not charging nearly enough. Coming from a guy that runs a mastermind group where membership is $25,000 a month, I felt Joe was definitely experienced and qualified to stand behind his perspective.

Before Joe spoke he opened with the following video. It’s a great summation of whether selling is evil or not…

After a full day of learning it was time for networking, SPEED NETWORKING! If you’re familiar with speed-dating the concept of speed-networking is similar. It works by having everyone line up across from one another in rows of chairs. Every three minutes one row moves down a chair, thus in the course of an hour you end up meeting and connecting with about 20 people. You’d best be prepared with a breath mint, water, and lots of business cards because meeting and talking with 20 people in a single hour can be pretty intense, but it’s also incredibly fun! Unlike speed dating where you’re only looking for one match (hopefully), in speed-networking you can connect and develop longer relationships with many people. It’s one of my favorite parts about the ClickBank Exchange and it pays off every year!

After a very long day it was time to get out and experience a bit of the New York nightlife! Ryan Lee who was one of the speakers had a private party at a bar called The Liberty. It was a great time to continue networking and have lots of fun. I was able to spend a lot of time with old friends, meet several new people, and had an overall great evening!

Day two started bright and early and I made it just in time to the conference room to catch the first presentation of the day. Greg Lems, ClickBank’s CTO presented ‘What’s Coming From ClickBank’. Greg had a lot of great examples of ClickBank products and shared a lot of detail info. on what will be coming over the next year. Read my full write up of his presentation.

Next up was Brendon Burchard. I had just started reading one of Brendon’s books, ‘The Millionaire Messenger‘, so I was familiar with him already. Brendon is an expert in… well, being an expert! Brendon runs Experts Academy, is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, and is an established and successful Internet marketer in his own right. Brendon’s speech was motivational, inspiring, and had serious impact on me! It was the best presentation of the entire event, and he’s probably one of the best speakers I’ve heard live. Brendon’s presentation was based off of his new book ‘The Charge‘. Everyone who attended ClickBank Exchange received a copy his new book and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

After Brendon was Derek Halpern. Derek is the founder of Social Triggers and has a lot of experience in marketing behind the scenes for popular blogs and products online. Derek shared several strategies and tactics anyone can use to generate traffic for their blog. Each of his methods had a real-world case study behind it which demonstrated how effective the method was. I’ve been marketing online for a very long time and what Derek shared was new, unique, and powerful stuff!

One of the methods Derek shared was called ‘Ego Bait’ blog posts. Ego Bait blog posts are articles that feature popular people in a particular industry or niche. An example Derek provided was ’19 women who will help you kick ass online’. Derek found that when writing about others it gains their attention and they link back and share your article with all of their followers with the end effect being more traffic to your blog. The key is to pick people that are related to your niche or industry. Derek also takes this entire method one step further by emailing all the people he’s mentioned in the article and letting them know the article is online. Talk about proactive and ingenious!

Derek also shared some great ways to obtain traffic through Info Graphics and Constructive Controversy. He had a great case study of a gal who created an info graphic that went against the grain of what most people were writing about at the time and the result were substantial in both traffic and quality backlinks. Derek also covered his ‘Drafting Technique’. I was able to find this video he recorded detailing the technique…

After lunch I decided to skip the next sessions in exchange for some networking at the booths outside the conference room. There were probably about a dozen booths from various companies providing products and services to Internet marketers. One of the booths that immediately grabbed my attention was for The Draw Shop. The Draw Shop creates hand drawn video sales letters, perhaps you’ve seen them online before. Their booth was top notch and I was interested in possibly getting a video for a new product I’m creating. They also had one of their artists draw a caricature of me!

After a couple hours of networking I headed back to the main stage to catch the closing remarks from the event. I could hardly believe ClickBank Exchange was drawing to a close. The event wasn’t over yet though, soon it would be time for ClickBank’s infamous Cocktail Party!

The ClickBank Cocktail party was also held at the Marriott Marquis which had an AMAZING few of Time Square. With delicious hors d’oeuvres and an open bar it was the perfect mix of fun and networking. It seemed the entire time was spent socializing with and meeting new ClickBank marketers. This was definitely a highlight of the event and the perfect way to end it!

You can see all the photos from the event and the cocktail party here.

After a long night and a 4am flight I made it home with loads of ideas and new connections. I can definitely say ClickBank Exchange 2012 was worth it and I’ll be going again next year!

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