ClickBank iPhone Apps Reviewed

There are several ClickBank iPhone apps to choose from which perform various tasks from displaying your sales and analytics data, to sending push notifications to your iPhone every time you make a sale.  Below we review all the currently available iPhone apps.  Feel free to leave your comments at the bottom and let us know which app is your favorite.


Rating: Developer Website
Price: $9.99 Download on iTunes

Pros: Unlimited Accounts; Supports ClickBank Master accounts; Analytics reporting, PIN Code protection; Customizable reporting; Complete transaction details for sales, refunds, chargebacks, and rebills including just about every parameter ClickBank offers including TID’s.

Cons: No push notification features for sales; Inability to define specific date periods for Master accounts.

Review: iMReports tops our list of functioning ClickBank iPhone Apps currently on the market. At an introductory price of $9.99, this app allows ClickBank affiliates and vendors to quickly check their sales and activities using any iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. What really separates this app from the rest is the ability to use a ClickBank Master account to manage multiple account activities using a single login.  In addition, we love the interface, smooth functionality, and the ability to easily access detailed account information including analytics.

Bottom line: Although this app is priced at $9.99 we feel it’s the best and most complete ClickBank iPhone app on the market and the only one that supports ClickBank Master accounts.


Rating: Developer Website
Price: Free Download on iTunes

Pros: Custom date-range reporting; Ability to show transaction details; Access to analytics; Customizable settings such as Shake to Reload; Unlimited accounts supported.

Cons: Unable to paste account login/password info; No push notifications; No PIN Code protection.

Review: This app offers very detailed reporting among the iPhone apps we’ve reviewed including sale details and analytics.  It also includes weekly sales, paycheck data, and customized date selection for viewing your data.  We found this app a bit buggy in that we were unable to use the iPhone’s paste function within the app to paste in our account username and password.  In addition, there is a News section which has never been updated and timed out upon our second viewing of it.  With those issues aside, the main aspects of the program worked as expected.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a free app that offers detailed account information for unlimited ClickBank accounts and don’t mind lack of PIN code protection then this is the one.


Rating: Developer Website
Price: Free Download on iTunes

Pros: Supports unlimited accounts; Paycheck reporting

Cons: Advertisements within the app; Limited transaction information; No access to analytics; No PIN Code protection, No custom date-range reporting.

Review: CheckCB allows affiliates and merchants to quickly check their sales stats for an unlimited number of accounts. You can view sales daily or weekly, as well as the last 15 paycheck amounts. The app includes advertising, which was not found in any of the other free apps we’ve reviewed.  CheckCB does not provide much in the way of additional data only providing weekly and paycheck information.

Bottom line: This is a decent free app but lacks in features and has less features than CBApp, which is also free.

CB Analyze

Rating: Developer Website
Price: $2.99 Download on iTunes

Pros: Instant sale notifications; Ability to receive notifications for Rebills, Refunds, Chargebacks, and test sales; Supports Unlimited Accounts

Cons: No analytics support, No paycheck data; No Transaction Data or Additional reporting; No custom date-range reporting.

Review: When reviewing CB Analyze we found the interface to be slightly awkward to use.  Upon setting up our ClickBank account into the program there were fields for an API-Key and Dev-Key yet there was no explanation as to what these fields are used for or if they are required.  The reporting features are basic and you can add unlimited accounts.  The notification feature is the one nice feature of this app as it can be filtered to notify you of any type of sale including rebills, chargebacks, refunds, etc.

Bottom line: This app is only worth the price if you want to use the notification feature for multiple types of transactions, otherwise it’s not worth using in comparison to other apps.


Rating: Developer Website
Price: $2.99 Download on iTunes

Pros: Four-digit PIN code protection, Supports up to five accounts.

Cons: Only displays earnings for previous fifteen days; No transaction, analytics, weekly, paycheck or additional data.

Review: This $2.99 app includes daily sales reporting and allows you to enable a PIN code that protects people from seeing your ClickBank sales reports if anyone gets a hold of your phone. The only data available to view is your daily sales totals for the last 15 days and is limited to 5 accounts. The developers state they plan to release more features in future updates, however the last update was in February 2010, which gives us little confidence this app will be updated anytime in the near future if at all.

Bottom line: Very limited functionality and lack of updates do not justify the price for this app.


Rating: Developer Website
Price: Free Download on iTunes

Pros: Supports multiple currencies; Allows push notifications to notify you of sales.

Cons: Limited to one account; Only displays earnings for previous five days; No PIN code protection; Lacks any additional reporting of any kind other than sales amounts.

Review: This free app shows the most recent five days of ClickBank earnings for a single account and sends ClickBank sales alerts to your phone using push notifications. The company’s website states a forthcoming paid Pro version of the app will be made available soon with additional enhanced features. We’ve been monitoring this app for some time and have not seen any updates about the Pro version, leading us to wonder if the Pro version will ever be available.

Bottom line: The only good thing about this app is it has push notifications, otherwise it’s not worth using in comparison to other free apps which offer much more information about your sales and are not limited to a single account.

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