ClickBank Makes Big Changes with New ClickBank Powered Platform, Redesigned Website

clickbank-poweredClickBank has introduced a new ClickBank Powered Platform designed to help users build a business based on selling online products.

“We realized our future was in helping even more infopreneurs start and create successful information businesses,” writes Eric Boles, ClickBank Director of Marketing, in a blog post about ClickBank’s new changes.

ClickBank users looking to sell their product in the ClickBank Marketplace will be presented with three different plans – Platform, Insider, and Dedicated Advisor – with different levels of functionality and pricing, ranging from $47 to $297 per month.

“It’s an all-in-one subscription-based offering that gives you everything you need to create, grow, optimize and run an information business,” states Boles. “Infopreneurs no longer have to cobble together a bunch of other tools just to begin selling their products through ClickBank.”

ClickBank still offers a one-time fee option to become a member through its ClickBank DIY, which features a more do-it-yourself approach to publishing a product on ClickBank. The cost is $49.95 one-time.

ClickBank’s affiliate users looking to promote products are also presented with new Audience Builder package plan to assist them in starting, growing and optimizing their online businesses.

The Audience Builder includes website creation and blogging tools, email marketing, product ad creation and more. Priced at $27 per month, Audience Builder aims at offering affiliates everything they need to setup, host, design, and promote an affiliate website to sell ClickBank products.

Along with the new platforms, ClickBank completely overhauled its website from content to design.

“We wanted a whole new face for ClickBank that more effectively addresses the thousands of ‘everyday experts’ out there that can turn their know-how into an information business of their own,” writes Boles.

Much of the website’s functionality still remains the same, such as member account dashboards and tools. However the ClickBank Marketplace can now only be accessed by users with a ClickBank account, which is a significant change as the Marketplace was previously available to all users.

To help support their clients navigate and utilize the new platforms and website features, ClickBank also updated its online Knowledge Base for improved customer support.

“We’ve rolled out a new take on our Help Center to streamline support for our clients so they can quickly get the education and answers they need,” states Boles.

The transformational changes to ClickBank follow a recent series of updates to the ClickBank Marketplace as the company looks ahead.

“We’re even more excited about where our clients will now be able to take their own businesses–and ClickBank–in the future. With everything we’ve rolled out today, we think we’ll be able to help even more of them achieve success.”

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