ClickBank Updates Client Contract Agreement – Sep. 18, 2014

updateWhen you logged into your ClickBank account you may have seen you’re required to agree to the new terms in the Client Contract. Chances are you clicked to accept them without reading them. No worry, I’ve got you covered, I compare the previous version with the latest version to see what’s changed. However, this is in no way a substitute for you to fully read and understand the new terms.

With that being said, the main change I found in this update is in relation to ClickBank’s refund policy. ClickBank is going to be allowing their vendors to set their own refund periods. According to some ClickBank promotions it seems they are going to allow a refund period anywhere from 0 to 365, however according to the new Client Contract any period over 60 days will require written approval from ClickBank. Any period under 60 days will be up to the vendor without requiring special permission from them.


You will establish an appropriate return, replacement and/or cancellation policy for Your Products (“Vendor Return Policy”). Your Vendor Return Policy must fall within the range of “no refunds” to allowing refunds or replacements up to sixty (60) days after the date of purchase (i.e., a 30-day refund policy or a 45-day refund policy would each be acceptable, if appropriate). If You believe that a Vendor Return Policy longer than sixty (60) days after the date of purchase is appropriate for Your Products, ClickBank will review such a request, and in its sole discretion, may allow an extended Vendor Return Policy. You can only provide such an extended Vendor Return Policy with ClickBank’s written consent.
You will ensure that the Vendor Return Policy is clearly and conspicuously posted for customers to review prior to purchasing Your Products.
ClickBank reserves the right to alter or override Your Vendor Return Policy if You abuse ClickBank’s flexible Return and Cancellation Policy, if Your Vendor Return Policy is not appropriate for the Product(s), if the charged back sales (defined in the Accounting Policy) are excessive, or for any other reason ClickBank deems appropriate, in its sole discretion.

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