ClickScoop Podcast #22 : Finding the Best and Most Profitable Niches Online with Moe Muise

clickscoop_podcast_web Welcome to the 22nd episode of the ClickScoop Podcast, a twice-monthly audio show with Internet marketing entrepreneur and ClickBank expert Miles Baker and special guests, covering the latest in ClickBank and Internet marketing related topics.


In this episode Miles Baker interviews niche expert Moe Muise. Moe is a full-time information marketer and Clickbank vendor, focusing on researching online markets to identify profitable niches.

Listen and you’ll discover…

  • How Moe got started online and eventually was able to quit his day job.
  • Once piece of advice that had a big impact on Moe and his success.
  • How to clearly define and identify a micro-niche.
  • Where most people fail when selecting a niche.
  • What considerations you should make when choosing a niche.
  • How to determine if a niche is going to be profitable.
  • Which niches you should look for and which to avoid.
  • And much more!

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