ClickScoop Podcast #23 : How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Products with Dush & Terra Ramachandran

clickscoop_podcast_web Welcome to the 23rd episode of the ClickScoop Podcast, a twice-monthly audio show with Internet marketing entrepreneur and ClickBank expert Miles Baker and special guests, covering the latest in ClickBank and Internet marketing related topics.


In this episode Miles Baker interviews Dush Ramachandran and Terra Goeres Ramachandran. Dush served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at ClickBank and Terra ran the Account Management department at ClickBank. Since leaving ClickBank they’ve founded The Net Momentum Corporation which provides outsourced affiliate management to some of top marketers in the world. Recently they’ve created the Affiliate Attraction Formula – The Net Momentum’s comprehensive training program for beginner to intermediate marketers who want to develop a sustainable, cash-generating sales channel through affiliates.

Listen and you’ll discover…

  • Why some products make large amounts of sales and some don’t.
  • Traits of the most successful vendors.
  • Why you need an affiliate program.
  • The best commission rate to pay your affiliates.
  • How to start getting affiliates.
  • What motivates your affiliates.
  • The best places to find affiliates.
  • The one thing you MUST do before you even attempt to get affiliates.
  • A good conversion rate for your product.
  • The biggest mistakes when managing your affiliates.
  • The best day to do a product launch.
  • How to build your business for lasting success.
  • And much more!

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