ClickScoop Podcast #24 : Networking and Relationship Building for ClickBank Success with Heather Havenwood

clickscoop_podcast_web Welcome to the 24th episode of the ClickScoop Podcast, a twice-monthly audio show with Internet marketing entrepreneur and ClickBank expert Miles Baker and special guests, covering the latest in ClickBank and Internet marketing related topics.


In this episode Miles Baker interviews Heather Havenwood, business and marketing expert. Heather shares her story, her products, her methods, and how she’s used relationship building and networking to grow her business and make a full-time income with ClickBank.

Listen and you’ll discover…

  • How Heather began her journey to ClickBank success.
  • Insights on what has made Heather successful online.
  • How to know and target your audience for more conversions.
  • What email frequency has worked best for Heather.
  • When and how to promote products in your emails.
  • How Heather has leveraged her email list to make more money.
  • A great tip on how to get the first opportunity to promote new products.
  • How to find and build relationships with other ClickBank vendors.
  • Networking tips for finding JV partners and affiliates.
  • Why being a “Yes Person” has been so important in Heather’s success.
  • How to find an infinite amount of content to share with your email list.
  • And much more!

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