ClickScoop Podcast #9 : How to Pick Profitable ClickBank Niches with Rene Gonzalez

clickscoop_podcast_web Welcome to the 9th episode of the ClickScoop Podcast, a twice-monthly audio show with Internet marketing entrepreneur and ClickBank expert Miles Baker and special guests, covering the latest in ClickBank and Internet marketing  related topics.

In this week’s episode Miles Baker interviews Rene Gonzalez who has been a long-time successful vendor on ClickBank.  Rene began his journey by typing “how to make money online” and within a short time found success with ClickBank.  Rene shares his story of how he got started, what he’s learned along the way, and repeatable steps for anyone who is looking to find a niche and build a successfully selling product online.  Rene also speaks about his latest product Niche Flipper which is his personal system for creating successful ClickBank products.

In this podcast you’ll learn…

  • What makes the difference between ClickBank success and failure
  • How to get your affiliates making sales for you
  • How to find niches that are proven to be profitable
  • How to identify niches that have room for success
  • Where to create great cover shots of your product
  • The best way to design your website
  • How to make your product and site look its best and why it’s so important
  • And much more!

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