Selling Your Products on ClickBank with E-junkie

There are certain needs and options for your ClickBank product sales that are not available through ClickBank. For example you might want to offer discount or coupon codes, send an automated email follow up to customers upon purchase, and secure your downloads and thank you page. You might also want to make multiple products available for a single purchase for a discounted package price, automatically add customers email addresses to your newsletter list, and do all this while tracking virtual or physical inventory and sales per item. A third party service known as e-junkie can do all this for you.

E-junkie integrates business and marketing services with your ClickBank account and products. You can upload your digital product to e-junkie’s secure server for a seamless transaction and your ‘thank you’ or download page will be secure also. You can customize thank you pages for each product you sell. You can add custom HTML/JavaScript/CSS for your thank you page. You can set the parameters for download links in emails or your thank you page to expire after a set number of download attempts or a specified time period.

For each product you sell you can configure an email with a thank you note, instructions, and anything else you want. You can send updates and newsletters to any buyer group. Buyers are automatically placed in the group of the product they have purchased and you can also manually add other people to buyer groups.

There is also sales tracking for Google Analytics. E-junkie cart buttons are pre-integrated with Google Analytics to track conversions, clicks, goals etc. All you need to do is to place the code Google Analytics provides you on the page where you are using e-junkie buttons. E-junkie also supports Google AdWords tracking, Yahoo Overture, MSN Adcenter, AdBrite and more. If you are using any tracking program for split testing or campaign effectiveness you just copy paste the tracking code in your E-junkie Thank-You Page.

There are a few rules and limitations. Your products must be approved by ClickBank using a Thank-you/download page on your own site first. You can only use e-Junkie Buy Now buttons for ClickBank payments. The e-junkie shopping cart feature is not designed to work with ClickBank products. You would also only accept payments through ClickBank for your E-junkie products, as buyers using PayPal or other methods would not earn ClickBank commissions. ClickBank accepts credit cards and PayPal payments as options during their checkout process anyway. (You can use e-junkie outside of ClickBank and a separate e-junkie account is an easy way to keep this separated.)

There are twelve steps to setting up e-junkie to integrate your ClickBank products with these services. This is a bit cumbersome the first time around, however, far less complex than many other options for combining all these services with ClickBank. After you are done, the payoff is usually well worth the setup.

Here’s how to put E-junkie and ClickBank to work for your business:
First set up a e-junkie account. Then proceed to the e-junkie ClickBank setup page.

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