How ClickBank Protects Affiliates from Commission Theft

One of the more common questions we receive a ClickScoop is how to prevent other affiliates from stealing commissions. Over the years ClickBank has addressed this issue in a few different ways, and they’ve come up with some rather solid solutions. To ensure that your ClickBank affiliate commissions are protected from thieves and those looking to purchase from their own affiliate accounts, ClickBank has provided the following features to prevent commission theft:

  1. Affiliate Sales Criteria
    ClickBank requires that affiliates must meet certain sales criteria to earn a commission and get paid. Under ClickBank’s Custom Distribution Requirement, ClickBank will withhold payment of any account balance until the following criteria is met:
    • Sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers;
    • Sales made with two different payment methods (either Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or European Direct Debit(ELV)). Note: PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 different credit card number.

    This prevents affiliates from using their ClickBank account just to make purchases from themselves to collect rebates and/or receive discounts.

  2. Affilate Whitelist
    ClickBank’s Affiliate “Whitelist” feature allows vendors to manually approve affiliates to promote their product. Only authorized affiliates will receive a working hoplink. Unauthorized affiliates who use the affiliate hoplink will be redirected to a notification page.
  3. Hoplink cloaking
    The ClickBank Marketplace now provides affiliates with an encrypted ClickBank HopLink using HopLink Shield. HopLink Shield is a free tool that encrypts the affiliate and vendor nicknames in HopLinks.The encrypted version of the traditional HopLink format of is replaced by a harder to recognize hoplink, such as The HopLink Shield’s encrypted hoplink is now standard within the ClickBank Marketplace link generator.

About the Author: Miles Baker

Miles Baker is a 15 year ClickBank marketing veteran and has been recognized as one of ClickBank's Top 100 Affiliates and Vendors. He is the creator and owner of ClickScoop. Learn more about Miles and connect with him at
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