How to Create a ClickBank HopLink

In order to get a HopLink, you first need to have a ClickBank account to establish a ClickBank Nickname.

The most common way to get the HopLink is through the ClickBank Marketplace. Once you find a product to sell, click the Promote button to create a HopLink.

In the popup window, click Create to generate the HopLink. (Note: You will need to provide your ClickBank Nickname or be logged into your account to generate the link.)

In the next window the HopLink will appear in the first field. The second field will contain the HTML code for embedding the HopLink.

Copy either the HopLink URL from the first field or the HopLink HTML code from the second field.

To determine which code you need depends on how you want to use the link and what kind of website you have.

Read how to use a HopLink in our article How to Put a ClickBank HopLink on Your Website.

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