How to Customize Your ClickBank Order Form

ClickBank enables vendors to create a Custom Order Form page in order to improve their customer’s buying experience and increase conversions. Using the Custom Order Form feature, vendors can add their own product branding, graphics, and color design to match the order form with their site.

In order to create a Custom Order Form, vendors must have an approved product activated within their ClickBank account. In addition, the vendor must also have approved images in their account’s Image Inventory if they wish to use their own images.

How to upload images for a Custom Order Form page:

  1. Login to the ClickBank Vendor Account
  2. Click the Account Settings tab and then the My Images link from the navigation
  3. Click Add New Image button
  4. Fill the required Name, Alt Tag, Image Type fields and browse to the image location.

    Note: ClickBank has specific image specifications for each image type. The header image must be formatted as a GIF, JPG or PNG with a width of 760 pixels and a height between 40-170 pixels. Click here for more specifications
  5. Click Upload
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each image type you wish to upload.
    Note: Uploaded images for the Custom Order Form must be approved by ClickBank, which takes 3 to 5 business days. Once approved the status field will show ‘Approved’ as shown below.
  7. Once your images are approved, you may proceed to customize the Order Form page template.

How to setup the Custom Order Form:

  1. Login to the ClickBank Vendor Account
  2. Click the Account Settings tab and the My Order Form link from the navigation
  3. Click Add New Template button
  4. Fill in the Template Name and the fields you wish to customize
    Custom Order Form - Template
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. On the My Order Form page, copy the URL parameter field
    Custom Order Form - URL Parameter
  7. Paste the URL parameter value preceded with a question mark to the end of your ClickBank Payment Link.
  8. Test the link to ensure the Custom Order Form is displaying.
  9. Deploy the ClickBank Payment links to areas you wish to use the Custom Order Form.
    Note: You can create multiple Custom Order Forms to determine which is the best performing by split testing.
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