How to Put a ClickBank HopLink on Your Website

One of the most common questions for those getting started selling products on ClickBank is “How do I put a ClickBank HopLink on my website?”

In order to get a HopLink, you need to have a ClickBank account and Nickname. Once an account has been created, use the ClickBank Marketplace to create a ClickBank HopLink.

The HopLink URL will appear in the first field. The second field will contain the HTML code for embedding the HopLink.

Copy either the HopLink URL from the first field or the HopLink HTML code from the second field.

To determine which code you need depends on how you want to use the link and what kind of website you have. Read ways to use a HopLink and website types below:

Ways to link a ClickBank HopLink:

  1. Text link
    Text links are probably the most common way to use a HopLink on a webpage. The link can be a single word or phrase, or an entire sentence or headline. Here are some examples:

    • Download Now
      HTML code:

      <a href="HopLink URL">Download Now</a>
    • Click here to download today!
      HTML code:

      <a href="HopLink URL">Click here</a> to download today!
  2. Image link

    Image link HTML code:

    <a href="HopLink URL"><img src="Image URL" /></a>

Ways to post a ClickBank HopLink into a Website:

  1. WordPress
    WordPress website users can use the content management interface to add HopLinks when creating or editing a post or page. Simply select the text or image you want to add the HopLink to and click the Insert/edit link button from the control panel:

    Then paste in the HopLink to the URL field:

    Finish adding the HopLink by clicking the Add Link button.
  2. Blogger
    Blogger website users can add a HopLink by highlighting the text or image you want to hyperlink and click the Link icon. Then paste in the HopLink URL and click OK.
  3. Self hosted website
    If you host your own website there are multiple ways to add a HopLink. You may want to copy the HopLink’s HTML code if you are directly editing the website page’s source code. Or you can copy the HopLink URL and use it inside your own HTML code link.
  4. Facebook/Twitter
    Posting HopLinks through social media such as Facebook and Twitter may require the use of a URL shortener, such as TinyURL. (WARNING: Do not use Bit.Ly or Google URL Shortener, as currently those services block ClickBank HopLinks.) Simply copy the HopLink into the url shortening service and create the shortened link. Then copy the link to post into a Facebook or Twitter post.
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