How to Test a ClickBank HopLink

After creating a ClickBank HopLink, affiliates will want to test the HopLink to ensure they receive commissions for sales they make.

To begin testing a HopLink, paste the link into a browser address bar and hit enter. Another option is to put the HopLink on a website and click the link directly on the page.

The HopLink should link to the ClickBank product vendor’s website. Follow the page’s sales process by clicking a ‘download’,  ‘buy now’ button, or other purchase link to get to the product’s order form page.

On the order form page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the affiliate/nickname text code, which should be [affiliate=yournickname]. See image below:

If the ClickBank nickname is appearing after ‘affiliate =’ the HopLink is working correctly.

If there is no nickname and the text reads [affiliate = none], the HopLink is not working properly. Refer to ClickBank’s Troubleshooting Your HopLinks page for help.

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