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ClickBank Scheduled Maintenance Jan. 10th, 2013

ClickBank announced that they will be performing maintenance on Sunday, Jan. 10th. Hops and orders will be unaffected through all the updates, however Website and Master Accounts will be unavailable…. Read more »

Video: What is ClickBank Recurring Billing?

In this video Miles Baker describes recurring billing and even shows you inside one of his accounts to demonstrate just how profitable recurring billing can be. As mentioned in the… Read more »

ClickBank Android Apps Reviewed

Updated Jan. 25, 2013 The number of ClickBank mobile apps for Android is growing as new apps make their way into the Google Play Store. The apps offer reporting features… Read more »

ClickBank Suspends Marketplace Star Ratings, Eliminates Risk Tier Fees

Shortly after launching its new Risk Tier system, ClickBank has already rolled back some the changes that were introduced, including temporarily removing its Marketplace star ratings and eliminating fees assessed… Read more »

What is the difference between a ClickBank vendor and affiliate?

When using ClickBank to sell or promote products online, users will either become an affiliate or a vendor. But what’s the difference? Simply put, the difference is that a vendor… Read more »

ClickBank Updates Client Contract Agreement – Dec. 5th 2012

If you have logged into your ClickBank account recently you will have been presented with a new client contract. Updates to the ClickBank client contract are fairly common and occurr… Read more »

ClickBank Introduces New Risk Tier System

Whether you are a ClickBank affiliate or vendor, if you have logged into your ClickBank account recently you might have noticed the announcement of ClickBank’s new Risk Tier system which… Read more »

Video: How to Customize the ClickBank Checkout Page & ClickBank Order Form

In this video Miles Baker walks through the complete process of setting up and customizing the ClickBank checkout form (aka order form). Watch as Miles takes you step by step… Read more »

Four ClickBank Sites You Should NEVER Promote

ClickBank offers thousands of websites which are worthy of promotion and can lead to serious income. However, some ClickBank sales pages are not worth promoting at all. To be a… Read more »