Making Money as an Affiliate with James Martell

James Martell gives a training session 'Making Money With Affiliate Programs for Beginners' at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas.

James Martell gives a training session ‘Making Money With Affiliate Programs for Beginners’ at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas.

James Martell, Internet marketing veteran and President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., offered a training session for affiliates/publishers at Affiliate Summit West 2012 in Las Vegas.

In Martell’s ‘Making Money With Affiliate Programs for Beginners’ session, Martell covered the following topics:

  • Industry players
  • Popular affiliate models
  • Tips for choosing profitable topics
  • Web development strategies
  • Strategies for building website traffic
  • Analytic tools
  • Tips to get on the fast track

While Martell mostly touched on the basics of affiliate marketing, he provided a good summary of the industry and the possibilities and options available to affiliate marketers. So let’s overview:

5 Industry Players

  1. Advertisers/Merchants
    Retailer that sells products
  2. Publishers/Affiliates
    Promotes products for a commission of the sale
  3. Affiliate Networks
    Intermediary between affiliates and merchants that processes payments
  4. Agencies
    Performs affiliate management and marketing
  5. Customers
    People who buy the products

7 popular affiliate models

  1. Coupon Sites
  2. Shopping Comparison Sites
  3. Niche Review Sites
  4. Loyalty Sites
  5. Email List
  6. Podcasting Sites
  7. Hybrid Sites

* Martell recommends a niche review site and an email list.

5 tips for choosing profitable topics

“The real key to the business is picking the right products to sell,” says Martell.

  1. Cost
    Find products that will earn you a worthwhile commission.
  2. Brand
    Find a product with a well-known brand to promote.
  3. Reviews
    Find products that have good customer reviews and happy customers.
  4. Merchant
    Choose a merchant that is reputable and customers trust. (e.g. Amazon)
  5. Search Volume
    Examine how many searches are made in search engines for specific keywords your site targets. Martell recommends Google Keyword Tool for analyzing Google’s keyword search volume.

5 web development strategies

  1. WordPress
    WordPress is a great content management system and it’s free.
  2. Build Pages, NOT Sites
    Focus in on the page level and build a great page.
  3. Avoid Clutter at All Cost
    Nothing will kill you conversion faster than clutter.
  4. Add YOU
    The days of anonymous affiliate sites are gone and now people want to know who they’re buying from.
  5. Automatic Updates
    Setup an automation process that will deliver your website content when new posts are made. Martell recommends an Aweber RSS to email for sending content out to entire email lists.

7 strategies for building website traffic

  1. Google Natural Search
    Build great content and build great backlinks to those content pages. Also get other people linking back to that page through back-linking.
  2. Press Releases
    Write a press release and distribute it to PR news wires.
  3. Podcasting
    If you’ve got topic idea, there’s not a faster way to get out your message than podcasting.
  4. Email List
    Build an email list of your customers or site visitors and send out emails with site links.
  5. YouTube
    YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos. Then optimize your video like a content page through titles, descriptions and tags to get your YouTube video ranked.
  6. Twitter
    Use Twitter to promote your website.
  7. Facebook
    Create a Facebook Fanpage for your website.

10 tips to get on the fast track

  1. Give yourself time to succeed
    Don’t expect success overnight. Stick with it and success will come eventually.
  2. Build yourself a virtual team
    Surround yourself with people who can do work for you and try to do as little as possible yourself.
  3. Learn how to outsource
    Utilize outsourcing websites for individual jobs and projects. Do things that you are best at and outsource the rest.
  4. 15-minute rule
    If it takes you more than 15 minutes, outsource it to someone else. Martell recommends Elance or vWorker.
  5. Become a student again
    You should always be learning.
  6. Set goals
    Make goals for what you want to achieve with your website and take action.
  7. Promote, promote, promote
    Spend time promoting products on your website, not building your website.
  8. Track and measure
    Monitor customer behavior to determine what is performing well and what isn’t.
  9. Work hard, play hard
    Internet marketing allows individuals the flexibility to work their own hours or away from home. Take advantage of the opportunity.
  10. No hocus pocus, just focus
    Spend time building out a quality website. Many people have too many websites, making it hard to focus on each one’s quality.

Thanks James for all the tips. Everyone from beginner affiliates to advanced marketers can learn something from your experience.

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