Moving Your Website Off ClickBank Powered

moving-filesClickBank recently announced they will be decommissioning their ClickBank Powered platform. This will leave many users of the service seeking alternative solutions for selling their products on ClickBank.

This article will explain your options and provide you a general overview on how to transition your existing ClickBank Powered content to your own self-hosted website with features similar to ClickBank Powered. If you haven’t already downloaded your existing content from your ClickBank Powered account you can follow the instructions here, you can also find a timeline of when ClickBank is decommissioning ClickBank Powered here.

ClickBank Powered offered four parts which you will need to replace. Those parts were web hosting, a content management system, an email autoresponder, and integration with ClickBank. We’ll cover each part individually…

Part 1.) Web Hosting

web-hostingYou will need a new place to host your website. We recommend HostGator or BlueHost. Either one will work and you can most likely begin with their cheapest account.

You will also need to point your domain name to your new web hosting account by changing its DNS. Where you purchased your domain name will determine where the DNS setting is. For example if you purchased your domain name from GoDaddy you would change the DNS inside your GoDaddy account. See GoDaddy’s instructions here. What you input into the DNS fields will be determined by your web host. For HostGator your DNS will be listed in your control panel, find instructions here.

Now that you have web hosting and your domain name is pointing to your new hosting account you’re ready to set up your new website.

Part 2.) Content Management System (CMS)

wordpressYou will need to install some type of Content Management System. ClickBank Powered was built on top of WordPress. So we would recommend installing WordPress as it’s somewhat similar to ClickBank Powered and free to use. Some web hosts such as HostGator also offer one-click install for WordPress.

Once you have WordPress installed and set up you can either install a free or premium theme, or use something like OptimizePress to easily create sales pages and landing pages. Something to keep in mind is you will now be responsible for making sure WordPress and any of its plugins are kept up to date. The free Wordfence plugin will notify you of any plugin updates and help keep your website secure.

Part 3.) Email Autoresponder

aweberIn order to automatically send out emails to customers and leads you will need an autoresponder such as Aweber. Aweber will allow you to do much more than ClickBank Powered did yet can be easily integrated with WordPress or integrated with OptimizePress.

Once you have an Aweber account you will then be able to import your existing customers into new lists inside Aweber. See Aweber’s instructions for importing emails.

With Aweber you can create new email capture forms to capture leads, in addition you can connect Aweber to your ClickBank account to have new customer email addresses automatically added to an autoresponder sequence.

Part 4.) ClickBank Integration

clickbankSince you’ve already set up your product to sell with ClickBank Powered much of the work has already been completed. However, you will need to make sure you create a new thank-you page and that both your sales page (aka pitch page) and thank-you page meet ClickBank’s requirements.

Once you have your URL’s for your sales page and pitch page you will need to enter them into your ClickBank account. See ClickBank’s Guide to Getting Your Content Off ClickBank Powered for details.

Although there may be quite a few steps to setting up your own website you’ll only have to do this one time. Once you have everything running you’ll find you have greater flexibility to create additional landing pages, your own resources for affiliates, more robust autoresponder features, and much more. Additionally you’ll have complete control and ownership of your website. If you have questions please comment below!

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