Reported Email Scam Targeting ClickBank Vendors

A recent chain of emails being sent to ClickBank vendors from prospective affiliates appear to be requesting vendors engage in possible fraudulent behavior, according to several posts on WarriorForum.

ClickBank vendors are reportedly receiving emails from affiliates interested in forming a partnership with the vendor. According to the posts, the affiliate claims to be able to make a high volume of sales of the vendors product, reportedly as much as 200 or more sales per week.

The emails solicit vendors to pay the affiliate a commission amount for every sale that is made through the vendor’s website without the use of ClickBank’s traditional affiliate link known as a HopLink. Additionally, the email requests that commissions to be paid via PayPal rather than ClickBank’s own commission payment processing services.

A copy of the email originally posted on WarriorForum is shown below:

Hi (vendor name),

I have seen your ad on XXXXXXX and I am more than keen to work as an affiliate for the product, However I have one small special request to discuss. If you are ok with it we can start our JV right away.

Shall we discuss further?

Do you use skype?

We are aiming a 200+ sales per week .

Thank you!


If a vendor enters into a partnership with an affiliate under this scenario, it could be possible for the affiliate to use stolen or fraudulent credit card information to make the purchases.

By avoiding the use of ClickBank’s services, vendors could also potentially be at risk of paying additional refund fees for any fraudulent purchases that are made through the joint venture partnership, according to ClickBank’s Charged Back Sales policy.

Anyone receiving these types of message can report them by filling out this form on ClickBank’s website.

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