SEO for ClickBank Products in 5 Easy Steps

Sterkley - SEOHere are five simple steps you can use to drive more traffic to your landing pages, resulting in more ClickBank commissions for the products you promote.

This is not a definitive guide but it is all you need to get a quick and successful start in the ClickBank world of affiliate marketing.


1. Identify Problems and Sell the Solution

The most successful affiliates identify problems quickly, then focus on them and sell the solution. This means creating content around the problems a specific product solves.  Identifying problems in a specific market can be done quickly by putting the topical keywords into a tool such as Keyword Questions from Wordtracker. Assuming you promote dog training products you would likely put in words like dog, puppy, training, stop, chews, etc. to find what problem keywords people in that market are looking for.

Sterkley - Identify Problems

Once you have your own keyword questions created, move on the step 2.

2. Answer Questions

People find solutions by asking questions about their problems as pointed out above. Once you find the questions the next step is to answer them. There is a plethora of places to find answers from experts for free and many times you find the answer when you find the question. Here are some recommended resources:

Sterkley - Answer Questions

Go to each of the sites listed above and search with the problem keywords you identified in step 1. Then create an article for each specific problem with a viable solution and link to any products or services (with an affiliate link) that are needed to solve the problem.

Sterkley - Answer Questions

3. Powerful Images

It’s true: a picture is worth a thousand words yet people do not want to read those thousand words, they just want the visual representation known as a picture. Magnify the problems your readers have with images that people instantly connect with. If you are pushing a dog training guide then look for images of a wrecked house, a chewed up shoe and dog poop in a house combined with copy to drive each point home. There are some amazing free images available at

4. Include a Video

People watched approximately 279 minutes of online video per person in January, which is up 44.5 percent since last January according to data from Nielson. Not surprisingly, a large majority of these viewing minutes occurred on YouTube, so ignoring this channel to capture more traffic is leaving a lot of opportunity to gain new customers on the table. Re-use the Q&A content you already created to make some short videos that point back to your own money site or directly link to the ClickBank landing page.

5. Leverage Strong Domains

Now that we know what problems customers are facing we can craft content that answers those questions. Most people would write up some “How To” articles, register a new domain, add a WordPress template and quickly build a brand new site. While this can be a great strategy it can take anywhere from 90 – 180 days before seeing any significant traffic to monetize.

Instead you can test the market while making some quick cash by publishing on existing websites that allow user submitted content with affiliate links. The advantage is that your content ranks in Google & Bing much quicker for organic search traffic plus you can attract people who use the website itself. Some of the more mainstream websites that allow this include YouTube, Pinterest, Hubpages, Squidoo and even Facebook.

Cashing In

Go find a new product to promote on ClickBank then apply the five tactics above to boost your commission check. It takes some work but the payoff is usually well worth the effort. Once you have success on ClickBank remember that you can branch out to other affiliate networks to monetize your customers with other offers. These could be additional products for someone who purchased a product they may want instead of the products you are promoting

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