“Stupid” Copywriting Tricks to Triple Your Sales

Chris Haddad shares his copywriting tips at ClickBank Exchange 2012 in Times Square, NY

I was thrilled to hear Chris Haddad’s presentation at ClickBank Exchange 2012. A few weeks before the event I had listened to Chris on ClickBank’s podcast ‘Insider Radio‘ and I was blown away with some of the great insights and information he shared.

Chris is an absolutely brilliant copywriter who creates and sells his own products on ClickBank. Chris has had some of the top dating products on ClickBank and now runs an extremely profitable information business which has revenues in the 7 figures.

Chris jumped right into his presentation and he speaks really fast, I mean REALLY fast, so it was challenging to keep up with his presentation, however I was able to get quite a bit of the information he shared, so here it is…

  • Figure out the Primal Desire of your market, and give it to them!

    When creating a sales letter come up with your big promise, a hook, or even the whole sales video BEFORE you create the product.

    Remember that no one cares about what you want to sell them, they care about what they want to buy. Apeal to the PRIMAL DESIRES of your market, and keep in mind that Primal Desires are often 100% irrational.

  • Use PIG Stories, (Punch In the Gut) Stories that create an immediate, visceral emotional impact.

    Here’s an example of a PIG story for a sales letter about generating power for your home…

    Original Headline: “I’m an electircian who will teach you to make power.”

    PIG Story Headline: ” ‘Daddy, I’m cold…’ On an island of light in a sea of darkness, the government couldn’t protect my family, but I could.”

    The result from using this PIG story resulted in a 70% increase in conversion!

    Use shock lines and emotional language. Chris says “Drama and emotion outsell logic every time”.

  • Make a BALLSY promise.

    Most marketers make WEAK promises. Forget your product, forget the FTC, forget reality (for now). Think about the promise you WOULD make if you had a magic wand and there were no rules or limits.

    After you have that on paper, pull it back to something you can actually back up and fulfill and that won’t get you arrested or sent to marketing hell.

    Good promises are detailed and specific promises.

    Here’s an example…

    You’ll slash your power bill by 70% and run out like a happy puppy when the power company sends YOU a check”. vs “You’ll save money on power”.

    (Paint a pictures in your prospects’ mind).

    Go TOO FAR and THEN pull back to something you can stand behind. Keep in mind nobody has to see your first draft, so get creative and crazy.

  • Additional copywriting tricks…

    7 Deadly Sins bullets… How do you write very good bullet points in your copy? Give a voice to the desires your market would never admit to themselves. Apply the 7 deadly sins that relate to your market. Focus on the emotional benefit of your bullet points, not the features.

    The Crossroads Close… At the end of the sales copy give the reader 3 choices… 1. Do nothing, go back to being fat, poor, etc. 2. Take what you’ve learned and try to do it yourself, but you know you likely won’t, it’s hard, etc. (Remember, your market has low self esteem in the area of the problem you’re solving.) 3. Risk nothing, click the add to cart button, and get the result your product provides.

    Strategic Bonsues – Create a future problem bonus, which is a bonus that solves an issue the buyer hasn’t had yet but will. For example once a prospect starts making money with your product provide them with a bonus of free financial advice since after they learn how to make money they’ll need accounting and investing help. Another strategic bonus is the specific objection bonus. Create a bonus that solves a problem with an objection

Here are some additional copywriting words of wisdom Chris shared…

  • Regardless of what you’re selling, adding tools and done-for-you products increases conversions. Done-for-you tools are anything that make it easier to use the product.
  • Connect with the prospects Mind and Heart – Enter the conversation already going on in the prospects mind, but also dive into the WAR already being waged in their HEART.
  • “If you an give a voice to what I privately believe or fear in my heart but have never told anyone, I’ll trust you forever” – reflect the readers experience in your copy.
  • Transform buying your stuff into a noble and heroic act.
  • Justification… People buy based on emotion and justify with logic.
  • Transform buying your stuff into “The right thing to do”, think of buyer’s pride instead of buyer’s remorse.

Overall Chris Haddad’s presentation was full of brilliant copywriting techniques. His focus was on connecting with the prospect’s heart and mind and using colorful and powerful language to connect with them.

About the Author: Miles Baker

Miles Baker is a 15 year ClickBank marketing veteran and has been recognized as one of ClickBank's Top 100 Affiliates and Vendors. He is the creator and owner of ClickScoop. Learn more about Miles and connect with him at AboutMilesBaker.com.
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