Using Your ClickBank Thank You Page To Boost Profits

clickbank-profits-thank-you-pageIf you are familiar with ClickBank, you are likely aware of the concept of Thank You pages. These are web pages shown to customers after they purchase a product. Typically a Thank You page will contain instructions about how to download the product and get support from the vendor.

Most people tend to think of Thank You pages as simply being the necessary delivery system for online products. However, in this article, I hope to show you how a cleverly designed thank you page can reduce refunds and charge-backs, improve the customer experience, increase sales, and boost profits….

Cut Down on Piracy

One of the best ways to prevent loss of sales is to make sure people are not downloading your product for free.

There are people who claim pirates would never buy your product anyway, and therefore fighting piracy is a waste of time and energy. I beg to differ. My own view, backed by years of experience releasing products with different levels of protection, is anti-piracy efforts can make a huge difference in your sales.

While the truth is there are some hardcore pirates who would never buy your product, there are countless people who will pirate if given the opportunity (or temptation), especially if they feel many others are pirating your product.

One of the most common way ClickBank products are pirated is through Thank You page theft. Basically what happens is one person gets hold of your Thank You page’s URL and then shares the page with one, two, or several thousand of their “friends” who can then download your product for free!

Additionally, if your Thank You page is not protected then your page is likely to be indexed in search engines and appear in search results. If this happens, people will be able to arrive at your Thank You page and access your downloadable products without even seeing your sales letter or the rest of your website. Potential customers may not even realize they were supposed to pay for your product!

While ClickBank does recommend using metatags to prevent search engines from indexing your Thank You page, not all search engines obey them. Moreover, metatags won’t prevent someone from posting a link to your Thank You page on a piracy forum – and the posts and pages of the piracy forum will likely be indexed in search engines, and thus easily found by anyone in the world.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect your Thank You pages using a script such as CB Thank You Page Protector. CB Thank You Page Protector is installed on your website, and will protect your Thank You page – each customer has their own individual page which is only accessible for a short time and by a limited number of IP addresses.

CB Thank You Page Protector is not the only product of its kind on the market – there are a few others out there as well that address a similar need, however there are a few reasons why CB Thank You Page Protector is one of your best choices:

  • CB Thank You Page Protector is easy to install and use. Most scripts require you edit text configuration files with complicated technical settings, or hire an expensive technical wizard to do that for you, but CB Thank You Page Protector has none of those complications – just upload to your website and then follow the on-screen instructions in your browser.
  • Some scripts will protect your Thank You page from unauthorized access, but will still leave your downloadable files exposed. In such cases, pirates can simply bypass the Thank You page and share the URL of the ZIP, PDF, or EXE file containing your product. CB Thank You Page Protector however uses special links to these files which only link inside the Thank You page, and you can even store your downloadable files in a private folder on your web host which cannot be accessed via the web.
  • CB Thank You Page Protector lets you customize your Thank You pages to contain whatever content and design you like (some scripts will force you to use their design). In addition, CB Thank You Page Protector can display personalized content (such as the customer’s name or receipt number) in the Thank You page. I’ll explain in a moment why this is important.
  • CB Thank You Page Protector can send a fully customized and personalized thank you email to each of your customers.

Use Your Thank You Page To Reduce Refunds

Every time a customer is refunded, the money you’ve already worked hard to earn is given back. Every time a sale is charged back, you actually end up in a worse position than if you have never made the sale in the first place since you’ll incur additional fees.

Reducing refunds and charge-backs increases your profits, boosts your affiliates’ confidence, and helps to maintain a good working relationship with ClickBank.

Did you know your Thank You page can make a significant difference in reducing your refunds?

Two common but easy to address causes of refunds are first, customers forgetting what they purchased and from whom, and secondly, customers not knowing who to contact in case of concerns or problems with their purchase.

Here’s how I would address these two issues:

  1. Add text to the Thank You page suggesting customers print a copy of the Thank You page for their records. Stress the importance of the information on this page.
  2. Add text to the Thank You page reminding customers of what they purchased and personalize the page with the customer ClickBank receipt number, and if you like, the customer’s name and date of purchase.
  3. Tell the customer they can contact you if they have any questions or problems, and make sure the Thank You page contains your contact details – including your email address at the very least.

Email Every Customer After Their Purchase

A one-time email to each of your customers after they purchase your product can reduce your refund and charge-back rates. You can also use these types of emails to get valuable feedback, obtain testimonials, and sell additional products to your customers.

Here are some suggestions for your customer follow-up emails:

  1. Thank the customer. In addition to being polite, this also serves a useful purpose in helping build a positive foundation for the rest of your follow-up emails.
  2. Remind the customer of what they have purchased. As mentioned earlier, one of the main causes of refunds and charge-backs is the customer forgetting about their purchase once the bill arrives. Sending an email reminder of the purchase gives your customers something to refer to in case they later forget about the purchase.┬áIf you are using CB Thank You Page Protector, you can even include the customer’s receipt number and other details in your email.
  3. Remind the customer you are a real person and give them your contact information. Providing your contact information helps cut back on refunds and charge-backs. You will also find customers are far more forgiving of any hiccups or minor problems you may have if you tell them from the start that you are willing to work with them.
  4. Ask for feedback, comments, and suggestions. Asking for feedback demonstrates to customers you care about them. Additionally, you will find that this is a great way to gather testimonials (if a customer sends you a complementary email, ask them if you can publish their email as a testimonial on your website). Finally, you will get a lot of ideas for additional product features you can add to enhance your offer, and for add-on products you could sell.
  5. Recommend related products. If a customer has just bought from you, the last thing you want to do is immediately hit them over the head with something else they need to buy, so a little bit of grace and finesse is recommended. Remember that a customer who has just bought from you, not only trusted you enough to give you money, but also has their credit card handy and is in a buying mood. So, a careful and genuine recommendation of an additional product that you sell, or an affiliate product can be very effective in this kind of email.

Add an Email Subscription Form

Send new customers a one-time thank you email as described above, but don’t add them to an email list without their consent.

Place your AWeber (or other) email sign-up form on your thank you page. Be sure to tell your customers why they should join your email list – for example to get a free bonus product, or to keep informed of news and updates.

Exit Link Profits

ClickBank recommends you place an exit link on your Thank You page so the customer has somewhere to click after they complete the download process. Most ClickBank vendors simply link to the main page of their website, but there is nothing preventing you from linking to a closely related but complementary product for the customer to possibly purchase.

If you don’t have a second product of your own, you can still make money with this technique: simply use an affiliate link to one of the other 10,000+ vendors listed with ClickBank. Remember, ClickBank vendors can be affiliates too!

Bonus Tip: Tell Your Customers How You Made Your Thank You Page

If you use CB Thank You Page Protector, your thank you page can contain any text or content along with any design you like. By default (although removable), CB Thank You Page Protector will add a small text link stating your thank you page was created using CB Thank You Page Protector. This text link is an affiliate link (containing your ClickBank ID), which means that you can earn commissions by recommending the software to others.

In conclusion, a lot of people believe selling ends the moment the customer gives you money. However, this is where the selling begins! Utilize the tips mentioned in this article and you will be amazed at the overall increase in your bottom line!

Have questions, comments, or your own Thank You page suggestions? Leave a comment below…

Sunil Tanna

About the Author: Sunil Tanna

Sunil Tanna is a 14 year veteran of ClickBank, and is both a vendor (selling a number of products through their service), and an affiliate. He is the author of Activ E-Book Compiler (software for creating EXE eBooks), CoverFactory (software for creating eBook covers), and the CB Vendor Power Toolkit, which is a set of powerful software tools for ClickBank vendors.
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