Video: Highlighting the Problem with Terra Goeres Ramachandran

Continuing Dush and Terra’s video series on how to make your offer attractive to affiliates, in this video Terra talks about the steps to creating and identifying the problem for your sales letter; stating the problem, highlighting the problem, and answering the question “Why has the problem remain unsolved?”


Terra Goeres Ramachandran

About the Author: Terra Goeres Ramachandran

Terra Goeres Ramachandran is Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Net Momentum Corporation, She is also the main content creator for the Affiliate Attraction Formula – The Net Momentum’s comprehensive training program for beginner to intermediate marketers who want to develop a sustainable, cash-generating sales channel through affiliates. Prior to founding The Net Momentum, Terra ran the Account Management department at ClickBank. An early employee at ClickBank, Terra helped in ClickBank’s phenomenal revenue growth from 2000 to 2010. She created, implemented, and ran ClickBank’s Premier and Apex programs.
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