What are the Best Ways to Promote ClickBank Products on Your Website or Blog?

There are a number of different methods to promote ClickBank products on your website or blog. Here are some of the most common and successful…

Recommendations & Suggestions – One of the most effective ways of promoting ClickBank products is to promote them within the content of your website as a suggestion or a recommendation. Find ClickBank products that fill a need or solve a problem and recommend them in your articles. You don’t want your recommendations to come across as the only reason you wrote the article so make sure your recommendations occur naturally within your content.

Keep in mind your website or blog will need to instill trust in the reader if they are going to follow your suggestions. If your content provides value and your recommendations are presented in a natural and honest way then this will be one of the most effective ways to promote ClickBank products on your website.

Reviews – Another popular method of promoting ClickBank products on your blog or website is to write a review about the product itself. In the review you can use your affiliate link to promote the product. You can ask ClickBank vendors for a free review copy of their product and many times they’re more than happy to oblige if they know you’re serious, but don’t let it stop you if you cannot get a free copy. I’ve purchase copies of ClickBank products solely so I could review them and I’ve easily made my money back.

Another tactic I’ve seen people do is write reviews about new products before they’re released. This gives you a huge advantage as you’re be able to get your review ranked easier in the search engines and you’ll get most the traffic when people search for the review of that particular product. This will require that you build relationships with ClickBank vendors so they’ll let you know what products they’ll be releasing and when.

Resources – Resources are not only helpful to your website visitors, but are a very effective and easy way to promote ClickBank products. Simply write a blog post or short list of related resources. For example if your website is geared toward dog owners you could provide a list of the top 5 ebooks for training your puppy. You could also create a resources section on your website and list helpful and related ClickBank products. If your blog uses WordPress you could use a plugin such as CBPress to automatically create a resources section of ClickBank products.

Banner Ads – Banner ads are nothing more than images on your website that link to a product. This is one of the easiest ways to begin promoting a ClickBank product on your website. Many ClickBank vendors will provide their affiliates with banner ad images and even full HTML code for the banner ads so all you have to do is copy and paste the HTML code into your website. If you find a ClickBank product you’d like to promote and the vendor doesn’t appear to offer any banner ads you can try to contact the vendor to see if they have any or outsource to have someone create banner ads for you.

There are only two factors that will determine how successful your banner ads are. The first is the location. Banner ads toward the top of your website will get more views and thus more clicks, also banners that are placed within or around the main content of your page will perform better since they get more attention. The goal is to have your banner ad in a place where most visitors will see it.

The second factor that will determine the success of your banner ad is the design. The only true way to know which designs will work best is to split-test them. Sometimes it works best to have the design of your banner ads blend in with your website and other times it’s better to have them stick out like a sore thumb. You can also try all text banner ads vs. banner ads with images and even animated ads; I’ve had success with all types.

Contextual Links – Contextual links are links within your content. It involves simply hyperlinking a word in an article to a ClickBank product. You can link any related word or words to a related ClickBank product, for example if you have the word “dog” on your website you could have it link to a dog related product on ClickBank. There are various WordPress plugins that will do this for you automatically but I prefer to add my links manually. I like to link words or phrases to ClickBank products only when relevant and helpful to the reader. I feel this adds more value and allows me to lead readers to the best and most related ClickBank products.

Generic Links – Standard links are the simplest way to promote a ClickBank product on your website or blog. I’ve used links instead of banner ads, links at the bottom of articles with a call to action, and even links at the very top of the website. Simply adding a sentence at the beginning of your content with a ClickBank link can generate a surprising amount of clicks.

I recommend using several of these methods in combination on your website or blog. Also, no matter what specific method you use, you will always want to make sure the ClickBank products you are promoting are relevant to the audience visiting your website.

About the Author: Miles Baker

Miles Baker is a 15 year ClickBank marketing veteran and has been recognized as one of ClickBank's Top 100 Affiliates and Vendors. He is the creator and owner of ClickScoop. Learn more about Miles and connect with him at AboutMilesBaker.com.
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