What is a ClickBank HopLink?

A ClickBank HopLink is a referral tracking URL used by ClickBank affiliates to promote ClickBank products. The HopLink is responsible for crediting affiliates with product sales so they can receive commissions. In order for an affiliate to promote any product on ClickBank a HopLink is required.

The HopLink includes the ClickBank nickname of both the affiliate and vendor:

The vendor nickname within the HopLink will determine what vendor website the HopLink will resolve to.  Whenever a sale is made through a HopLink the affiliate nickname within the HopLink is given credit for the sale.

Creating a HopLink

There are two ways to create a HopLink:

  1. ClickBank Marketplace: Affiliates can use the ClickBank Marketplace to generate HopLinks by finding a product and clicking the Promote button:
  2. Manually create the HopLink by inserting the affiliate and vendor ClickBank nickname into the URL format below:

Note: Using the Promote button within the ClickBank Marketplace to create a HopLink will generate an encrypted URL using ClickBank’s HopLink Shield tool that encrypts affiliate and vendor nicknames.  Creating the HopLink manually will result in a URL that is not encrypted.

Testing a HopLink

Once the HopLink is created, test the link before using it. If the HopLink is incorrect, the affiliate may not receive commissions for their sales.

To test, enter the HopLink into a web browser address bar or click on the HopLink from a webpage. The HopLink should redirect to the vendor’s website. Choose to purchase the product. From the ClickBank order form, scroll to the bottom of the page and verify your affiliate nickname inside the text:

Once the HopLink is tested and verified with the correct affiliate nickname, you’re ready to go!

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