What is a ClickBank TID?

A ClickBank Tracking I.D., also known as a TID, is an additional string of letters and/or numbers appended to the end of a ClickBank HopLink.

When a TID is appended to a HopLink, ClickBank’s reporting will track sales and click data associated with that TID.

The purpose of using a TID is the ability to generate multiple HopLinks and uniquely identify them for tracking purposes.  TIDs can be used in a variety of ways including optimizing promotional efforts, split-testing, tracking referral data, and more.

Here’s an example of an affiliate HopLink with a TID:

Creating TIDs for Affiliates

TIDs can be up to 24 characters made up of letters and/or numbers and can be associated with single or multiple vendors. TIDs can be created using two methods.

1. Using the ClickBank Marketplace, add the TID to the HopLink generator.

2. Manually add “?tid=” followed by the desired TID to the end of the HopLink. (note: the “?tid=” needs to be in lowercase)

Creating TIDs for Vendors

TIDs work slightly different for Vendors.  Instead of adding “tid” to the end of the HopLink, vendors will need to add “vtid” to the end of their ClickBank Payment Link.

e.g. http://item.vendor.pay.clickbank.net?vtid=YOURTIDHERE

Reporting for VTIDs work in the same way as regular TIDs and can be used to track different sales methods, split-test sales pages, and more.  Like TIDs, VTIDS can be up to 24 characters in length and made up of letters and/or numbers.

Tracking TID Analytics and Transactions

When a customer clicks or makes a purchase through a HopLink with a TID, TIDs are passed to ClickBank’s Reporting tools which are located inside your ClickBank account.

Under the Reporting tab on the Transactions page each transaction is displayed with the TID value associated with it:

Under the Reporting tab on the Analytics page you’ll find a variety of data for each TID value:

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