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ClickBank CTO Greg Lems presents “What’s coming from ClickBank” at ClickBank Exchange 2012 in Times Square New York

Greg Lems, CTO of ClickBank presented the session “What’s Coming from ClickBank” at ClickBank Exchange 2012. Greg’s session covered the changes ClickBank is working on and will be implementing over the next year.

Greg began with a review of the enhancements ClickBank has made over the past year. These included new ways to form partnerships with other ClickBank vendors and affiliates using tiered commissions, whitelists, and the joint venture feature. Tiered commissions and whitelists are still in beta. You can find out more about these features here.

Another new enhancement made over the past year was the vendor selection tool for affiliates in the ClickBank marketplace (see image at left). These are the filter tools on the left-hand side of the ClickBank marketplace that allow you to search vendors by filters and attributes. The new marketplace will also show YOUR stats on products you’ve promoted, and you can use bookmarks to tag products within the marketplace for easy reference.

This year also saw the addition of two new languages, Italian, and Portuguese. ClickBank will be focusing a large part of their efforts on International growth, so expect more languages to be supported in the near future.

Greg stated ClickBank has added additional API features, they’ve increased the Instant Notification URL’s field to accept 10 URL’s per account, and added a new analytics API for subscriptions with subscription status and full statistical data.

Over the past year ClickBank has focused on better payment processing and order form improvements. They added unlimited subscriptions, a weekly rebilling option, a new Maestro payment method, and acceptance of 18 new currencies!

So what’s in store for the future?

According to Greg a primary focus going forward will be in making ClickBank quicker and easier for anyone to come onto the ClickBank platform and sell their product. This will include more educational content integrated within your account, suggestions tailored to you and your account, best practices, and more content designed to help you grow your business.

In the coming year ClickBank will be adding additional integration with 3rd party tools such as membership platforms, email autoresponders, etc. As well as the ability to tie in campaigns with ClickBank analytics and products.

Going forward ClickBank is going to continue their focus on Order Form conversion improvements, adding new payment methods, and improved checkout flow.

Greg Lems, ClickBank CTO, ClickBank Exchange 2012

Another feature ClickBank is working on is a new client portal. This will be the area you see when you login to your account. They’re going to support customize-able dashboards, easier access to tools and resources, more educational materials, and segmented services for different roles and activities. A beta site should be available in the spring.

Additional enhancements ClickBank is working on included…

  • ClickBank API 2.0
  • In-system Emails – Contact JV partners, interact with other vendors, affiliates, and ClickBank privately and securely.
  • Matchmaking Engine – Identify new partnerships and opportunities for buisness
  • Shopping Cart – Sell more than one item in a single transaction
  • Coupons – Offer discounts to incentives consumers to buy
  • More International enhancements

Overall it appears ClickBank is moving swiftly ahead to take advantage of the International market as well as implementing suggestions from their existing users. I’m especially looking forward to coupon integration and shopping carts, as well as some of their API improvements. Greg stated that many of their improvements were based on user feedback, which is a great example of how ClickBank listens to their users.

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